TMYLM: Character Interview, Story Details, and Giveaway!

Hello, everyone! Today I have the privilege of interviewing Lydia Jupp’s characters from her short story featured in the Tell Me You Love Me anthology. The title of the story is Forever Loved, and I will be interviewing her main characters, Michael and Charity. Let’s get into it!

Hello, Charity and Michael! Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you today. I have a few questions for each of you to answer. Everyone is eager to hear your responses, so let’s get started! Who wants to begin?

Charity: I guess I can go first.

So, Charity, when did you first feel that things were becoming awkward between you and Michael?
Well, I guess that it all sort of started 2 weeks before Michael told me the *shifts uncomfortably* uh…the  news. At first it just seemed that Michael was having a bad day, so I tried to sympathise and not mention the difference in his character, but as the week passed I really began to worry. You see, people who I thought were my friends had left me before, and it had always started with them acting awkward around me.  
*smiles sympathetically* That makes sense. That news must have been hard to bear as well. 
What was it like losing your parents and sister at a young age? 
It was horrible. *shudders* I wouldn’t wish the amount of sorrow and pain that I have been through on my worst enemy. Each time something happened, I unconsciously added a huge brick to the wall that I had built around my heart, and even though I wanted friendships with others I guarded my feelings a lot because I just didn’t want to get hurt again.
That sounds terrible. *wipes tears* Losing all your family members one after another must be incredibly hard. How did that affect your relationships with God and others? 
My relationship with God? *chuckles nervously* Nonexistent. While my dad was still alive, we barely went to church, and after he left I only went to church so that people would respect me enough to buy from my mercantile. I wanted nothing to do with the God who had taken away everything from me.
Oh, I sort of answered this in your previous question, but I can expand on it a bit more. I think my main problem was that I struggled with trusting other people. In my mind I believed that if I got too close to people they would just be torn away from me like everyone else in my life.
I can understand how it would be hard to trust God when it seems like He’s turned your life upside down. On a happier note, how did it feel to finally have that weight lifted off your heart when you prayed with Ms. Barnett? 
*brightens with a glowing smile* Indescribable. Only others who have also experienced this peace, grace, and love that Jesus gives to those who will give up themselves can fully understand the joy that fills my entire being when I think of what Jesus, my Saviour, has done for me. 
*smiles* Yes, that joy is truly amazing. What is your favourite Bible verse?
Definitely Jeremiah 31:3, since that was the verse that made me understand Jesus’ everlasting love. That verse-coupled with Ephesians 2:4-5- brought a turning point in my life, and I am so grateful to Ms. Barnett for taking the time to share those verses with me.
Those are wonderful verses. What is your greatest comfort now, as you wait for Michael to come home for good?
Jesus is my greatest friend and comfort of my life. Through this whole situation I have found a friend who will never forget me, never stop loving me, and never leave me no matter what troubles and trials I face. While I’m waiting for Michael, I am using this time to grow my new found faith, and every day Jesus gives me the peace that passes all understanding. 
*nods and smiles softly* That is a wonderful reminder. Thank you for answering my questions, Charity! So, Michael, how hard was it to tell Charity that you had enlisted?
*chuckles, running his fingers through his hair* Hard is an understatement. Yes, I felt a strong sense of duty to protect my country and my fellow Canadians, but I found it so difficult to tell Charity because of everything that she had been through, and what had happened to her father.
*nods sadly* Yes, that must have been difficult with the death of her father on both of your minds. Did you think that Charity would react like she did?
Well, yes and no. I knew that Charity would be…upset, but I did not know that she would act the way she did. 
On a happier note, when did you first meet Charity? 
I first met Charity at her mercantile a few weeks after they moved into town. She seemed like she needed a friend, and I’m glad that I was able to be more than that.
*grins* Aww, I’m sure Charity is very glad too. So, when did you become a Christian, Michael? 
I grew up going to church, and whenever the church doors were open, every service, potluck, or social,  my family was there, but it wasn’t until about two years ago that I actually began to take to heart the things that were being preached in the pulpit. Growing up I knew all the facts, but didn’t fully come to believe in Jesus as my personal Saviour until I let go of my own desires and way to follow that of Christ’s.
It must be such a blessing to have that faith as your own, especially as you head into war. What is your greatest comfort now, knowing that Charity is waiting for you at home, but also knowing the dangers you will face? 
God and His Word are becoming my greatest comfort, even though I know that my relationship with Him isn’t as it should be. With everything that I see day to day, and understanding the loved ones that wait for me at home, I know that I need a Comforter and a Shield to be with me in both my spiritual and physical battles. 
*blinks tears away* We all hope you will come home safe, Michael! I’m glad you were able to do this interview while you were home on leave. 
Thank you both so much, Michael and Charity, for joining me today. I really enjoyed the chance to get to know you both better, and I’m sure our readers do too. I’ll let you both go now, as I’m sure you want to spend as much time together before Michael has to leave again. *smiles and waves* Goodbye for now!

I’m sure you all thoroughly enjoyed that interview. Aren’t Charity and Michael just the sweetest? If any of you are interested, Lydia is being hosted on Grace A. Johnson’s blog today, and she is interviewing my characters, Jonathan and Carlissa.
We’re going to move on now to some details about my short story, Till Death Do Us Part.

Jonathan Graham has been waiting to marry his dearest friend and fiancee since the day he met her. Carlissa Briggs was diagnosed with leukemia at age sixteen but knows that God has a plan for her life. When Carlissa is rushed to the hospital in critical condition and told she only has a little while to live, will Jonathan have the strength to stand by her? And will he ever truly understand what it means to trust God and to be thankful in everything? Till Death Do Us Part is a heartwrenching short story about true love and the meaning of thankfulness. 

This story was written in the space of about three weeks. I first heard about Tell Me You Love Me from a friend of mine. (Who is also featured in TMYLM… thanks Lydia!) We heard about it at the end of February 2022, and I began writing the second week of March after some thought, then submitted the story April second, I believe. The story really did just come to me. I truly believe this was a story that God wanted me to tell, and I am forever thankful for His inspiration.
Fast forward a few weeks, and Lydia and I were together at our homeschool co-op. We knew Grace was planning to announce the winners on her blog that day, so we used my mom’s phone to check. I remember that each of us saw our names at the same time, and we just screamed and jumped up and down. This was the first time either of us had been published, so it was really exciting.
It’s been quite an amazing journey. I had never experienced anything like this, as before, I was just writing for family and friends. The first round of edits were a little hard to swallow, since I really wanted my story to be perfect the first time – but now, I see how much better my story is, and am really thankful for the work of editors and beta readers.
I thought I’d share a few extras with y’all, so without further ado:

Till Death Do Us Part Playlist

Till Death Do Us Part Inspo Board


Tell Me You Love Me – a timeless collection of stories that truly understand the meaning of “I love you.”
Twelve young Christian authors have come together, alongside romance novelist Grace A. Johnson and editor Issabelle Perry to show our world of depravity and cheap imitations of romance what love really means: faith, hope, and sacrifice.
These stories range from contemporary YA to historical to fantasy, and tell diverse, unique love stories that compel, captivate, and warm readers’ hearts with their sweet and authentic nature.
Featuring work from Michaela Bush, Saraina Whitney, Karynn Heckler, Margaret Copeland, Lucia Molano, Sarah Lawton, Brooklyn O’Brennan, Mackenzie Hendricks, H.S. Kylian, Lydia M. Jupp, Katherine Perry, and Amelia Cabot, the Tell Me You Love Me anthology is the collaboration of talented and inspirational young writers you’ve been waiting for!

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The winner will be announced in Grace’s post at the end of the tour, on January 31st, so y’all enjoy all the wonderful content coming your way from these lovely young authors and be sure to comment on all their posts for a chance to win!


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  1. Ahhhh, great interview!!! It was awesome getting to know more about Charity and Michael! 😀 And your story Till Death Do Us Part is so good, Sarah! ❤ Oh wow, how thrilling it must have been for both you and Lydia to find out at the same time you were in the anthology!!! 🎉 SO cool!


  2. It was amazing to learn that we were both in the same anthology, wasn’t it!! Great post, and thank you so much for interviewing Charity and Michael!


  3. I love the interview, girls!!! 😀 Michael and Charity sound like amazing characters!!! And Sarah, FANTASTIC blurb for your story!!! It sounds sooo intriguing and makes me want to read it even more!!!! *bounces up and down excitedly* Also, I love your Pinterest board and playlist!!!


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